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medium - dance /video


Choreography - Tamsin Griffiths

Film created & edited by: Paul Whittaker
Filmed by: Paul Whittaker, Deryn Tudor & Tamsin Griffiths

Performer - Tamsin Griffiths

Designer - Deryn Tudor

Stepping under the duvet into a phase of depression. Exploring this world which is comfortable and safe to a point where we believe we can build an emotional home inside and never leave. The world slowly becomes too small and we are forced out... forced to leave this emotional home and face reality..

Performed at EMERGE Dance Festival, London & Wales Dance Platfrom, Cardiff.



"Duvet is the place of comfort, ‘an emotional home’ in a work that expresses the volatility of depression and bi-polar disorder. The piece begins with a film clip projected on to a white sheet showing Griffiths climbing into a giant duvet and relishing its warmth and comfort; the fuzziness of the image makes it look like an ultrasound image of a baby in a womb. At the moment the film ends Griffiths pushes from underneath the screen to lie supine on the stage.


Her initial movements remain close to herself as she goes through the motions of adjusting drowsily to vertical and following the path of a hand that seems to have an agency of its own to a score that is dreamy if not hallucinatory. Griffiths’ entire body explodes into action as she follows a volatile narrative; there is no ‘why’ in these shifts of mood, these ‘phases of depression’ as they progress in a certain direction and then suddenly change course. Duvet is a work that can be read on two distinct levels: one that doesn’t make sense and one that does.


Griffiths is perhaps playing unconsciously on the ‘invisibility’ of depression and how that plays into misunderstanding about the nature of the disease. She controls her performance even when it seems most chaotic: she displays an effortless virtuosity in her ability to throw herself to the limits of her balance and return to equilibrium. Although she takes emotional risks, Griffiths is not challenged sufficiently in Duvet to extend her range. Perhaps it is one of the challenges of working alone but one of the rewards is to see that raw honesty in a dynamic physical form."


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