Artistic statement


We are cross disciplinary artists with a Mental Health (MH) diagnosis. We create participatory interactive projects that blur the boundaries of artforms and challenge perceptions about MH, both through form and content. Working in collaboration, we merge our approaches and expertise from the worlds of visual arts, theatre, sound, the written word, film, dance and physical performance.


Is it Science or Art?

medium - multimedia exhibition


Created by Tamsin Griffiths & Paul Whittaker

3 Words 

medium - video


Written & Directed by Tamsin Griffiths & Paul Whittaker

Performer - Tamsin Griffiths


4 min non dialogue film.

miscellaneous RULES


medium - photography / text / audio


Created by Paul Whittaker

Supported by Tamsin Griffiths

Gallery installation

my mental illness and me


medium - video


Written & Directed by Paul Whittaker

Filmed by Deryn Tudor

Performer - Paul Whittaker

3 min non dialogue film.

Institutional Blue


medium - video / 3D model


Created by Paul Whittaker

Performer - Aiste Gramantaite

Gallery installation



medium - 3D model


Created by Paul Whittaker

Gallery installation


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