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miscellaneous RULES


medium - photography / text / audio


Created by Paul Whittaker

Supported by Tamsin Griffiths

Gallery installation

Image 5 miscellaneous RULES Hearth Galle
Image 4 miscellaneous RULES Hearth Galle

Rules slideshow

In January 2018, Paul Whittaker and Tamsin Griffiths delivered a unique and ground-breaking exhibition to the Hearth Gallery at University Hospital Llandough, Miscellaneous Rules, alongside a discussion event which had extremely positive outcomes for staff at Hafan y Coed.

The exhibition was an enormous success in communicating clearly and openly aspects of mental health to our audience of staff, patients and visitors, but also in stimulating discussion, offering new perspectives and providing opportunities for participation. The exhibition fostered engagement with the creative arts, personal reflection and contemplation and encouraged daily and repeated visits to the gallery by staff, patients from across the site, particularly from Hafan y Coed Unit patients, carers and families.

Exhibited at the Hearth Gallery in Llandough Hospital, Cardiff and Vale. The work is now on permanent display on the hospital site.

Gallery Response


"We were greatly impressed with Paul Whittaker and Tamsin Griffith’s quality of work and sensitivity to the hospital environment and location of the gallery. They showed great empathy to the needs of both patients and staff, and combined this with a high level of practical skills and knowhow. Both Paul and Tamsin managed delivery of the project with fine organisational skills and immense thought for both finer detail and the overall impression and outcome of the project. Both artists were adept in tailoring visual and digital presentations to the gallery location with innovative, unusual and unique presentation ideas. We were delighted to be able to collaborate with these two gifted artists to design one of the most exciting, fascinating exhibitions we have yet to show in the gallery.


As part of the exhibition, Paul provided and facilitated a successful discussion event attended by staff, visitors and patients. One important outcome of this was the invitation by Hafan y Coed psychotherapists to Paul, as both an artist and a service- user, to deliver a learning opportunity in Hafan y Coed to staff members. The focus of the symposium was to clearly communicate and promote further understanding of the needs of service-users and their families and several recommendations and considerations have been embedded successfully into clinical practices within the unit as a result of this workshop."

Melanie Wotton, Curator Hearth Gallery

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