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3 Words


Written & Directed by Tamsin Griffiths & Paul Whittaker

Performer - Tamsin Griffiths


4 min non dialogue film.


A mentally ill woman is struggling to complete a pile of job application forms. When she is asked to describe herself in just 3 words her mind spirals. As she quickly unravels she starts to make lists of words that quickly grow beyond the page to become a chaotic physical mind map that takes over the walls, the floors and the ceilings of her home. At its core the film asks are 3 words enough for a person with mental illness to define who they are.

Toured Welsh galleries as part of Disability Art Cymru’s exhibition.



Film Created & Edited by: Paul Whittaker
Filmed by: Paul Whittaker, Deryn Tudor & Tamsin Griffiths

Performer - Tamsin Griffiths

Designer - Deryn Tudor

2 min non dialogue film.


Stepping under the duvet into a phase of depression. Exploring this world which is comfortable and safe to a point where we believe we can build an emotional home inside and never leave. The world slowly becomes too small and we are forced out... forced to leave this emotional home and face reality..

Prologue film for a live dance performance.

my mental illness and me


Written & Directed by Paul Whittaker

Filmed by Deryn Tudor

Performer - Paul Whittaker

3 min non dialogue film.


The film explores how Paul is controlled by his Bi Polar Manic Depression and how it affects how he engages with the world around him.

Exhibited at the Mission Gallery, Swansea



Written & Directed by Paul Whittaker

Filmed by John Campbell

Performer - Robert Bowman

7 min non dialogue film.


An isolated Farmer lives by the same routine day in day out until one day he realises that to break the cycle he must act.

A film made in response to The Samaratins report on the rise in suicide rates among rural men.

Under Observation


Written & Directed by Tamsin Griffiths & Paul Whittaker

Performer - Tamsin Griffiths

3 min non dialogue film.


Part of 'Is it Science or Art?' exhibition

A young woman struggles with her mental health within the hospital fish bowl she needs in order to survive. Where can she go to escape the hospital environment? How can she nurture her mental needs and escape to a space of unobserved freedom?

Exhibited at the Hearth Gallery, Llandough Hospital

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