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Gods & Kings at PHW National Conference 2018


Robert Bowman performed extracts from the show on the conference stage to an audience of Health Professionals from across Wales.

Writer & Co-Creative, Paul Whittaker and Co-Creative, Tamsin Griffiths, then participated in a Q&A session about the work from a Service User's perspective.


Andrea Gray, Mental Health Development Lead for Wales (PHW), Sara Moseley, Director of Mind Cymru and Dr Nicole Burchett, The Mental Health Foundation, joined them on the panel.

Telling It Like It Is


In 2017 Paul & Tamsin, at the request of Mind Cymru, designed a series of art workshops for Refugees & Asylum Seekers to discover why they were not engaging with Mental Health services.


As many of the participants had little to no English the aim of the project was to use Art to help understand their cultural attitudes to Mental Health.


The findings of this project were delivered to Policy Makers at an event at the Senedd.

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